How a real estate agent can help his buyer


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First time home buyers as well who has experience in buying home are always curious to have best home for them. They search online to find best home, they look at advertisements, they do all possible searches to make their dream of ‘sweet home’ true. But the buyers who are purchasing home for first time often use real estate agents to get long-term value in properties, negotiate prices and ensure that deals come at final result. First time buyers usually are less aware about terms and conditions of home buying. They cannot assume the actually value of a home as well as good and bad things about the location they are planning for.

1656103_616994305035431_75840907_nHiring a negotiator who can return you true value of your money will be a better option. It is the responsibility of the agent to strike the best deal for you. He will be liable to all legal processes, processing gees & taxes and dealing with owners.

Following are the duties of a real estate agent:

First of all, he will get your view and ideas of your dream home you wish to purchase.

He will make a plan of your requirements and set a priority list of all things you want in your home.

Your agent will select some homes at different locations and will show you.

He is responsible for getting you aware about pros and cons of each home.

You can select homes which you like and your agent will let you know about all the daily necessities resources available over there.

You can check the daily amenities like Gym, shopping center, crèche, school, saloon etc near the home you like.

You don’t have to negotiate with the house owners. Your real estate agent will do this for you that even without any emotional connection. It happens sometime when a buyers likes any home too much he cannot bargain for price.

He can negotiate to repair home if needed.

He will make your aware about all the teams and conditions of buying a home.

He will tackle all the required paper work.

Your agent will keep all record of deal, all documents related to the deal.

He will make arrangements for you to move in new home and will inform neighbors as well if needed.


Things to consider while buying a home in Ontario


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Buying a new home is like writing a new chapter in your life. It is quite obvious to get emotional while selling your own home or buying a new home. Usually, some people don’t verify necessary things while purchasing their dream home. Even Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) released a study on home buyers of Ontario which shows that heart over rule the mind when it comes to buying a home.


First of all, get to know about the whole process if home buying as it is biggest decision emotionally as well as financially. Prepare yourself, your budget, and your responsibilities in advance according to process of new home ownership process. Think about your finance, are you economically fit to afford a house of your choice.

Make a priority wise list of all of your requirements. Mark the things which you consider the must to be there while locating a home, for example, location, size or number of rooms of a house. Then mark points which are not so important like gym location, shopping center etc. The 3rd mark would be for the points which really do not matter but it is good if you get them like color of house, type of neighbors etc.

Now, hire an experienced Real Estate Agent and discuss your needs with him. Your list of requirements will set a clear image of home you want in your agent’s mind. Your agent will help you in finding home for you at the desired location. You should select 3-4 homes and discuss with your family and agent about the positive and negative prospect of each home. Keep in mind about your financial abilities.

Ask you real estate agent about his fees, all taxes and expenses, mortgage (if you need) and other legal process. Check the house you have selected, if it needs any kind of repair. The person from whom you are buying a home is liable to make it perfect for living. Involve your agent in all these things. Check all documents and keep a copy of each with you.

Now, you are ready to move in a new dream home with your family!